Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A song I made up while toiling away at my dead end job!

Your Eyes. Your Eyes.
They are like two kites flying in the sky,
During a Texas desert storm.

Your Mind. Your Mind.
Is something I really can't understand,
Like a scientific math problem.

Your Face. Your Face.
Is like a huge dump I took one day,
So big I couldn't look away.

Your Taste. Your Taste.
Is pretty good and horrible as well,
Such the best Fish Taco I ever had.

Your Mace. Your Mace.
Burns me just like you telling me,
I can't follow you home anymore.

I can't believe that I have been working a factory job for the past three weeks and haven't flipped out yet. Ok well, I can believe it, I just am not positive that I can hang for much longer. I happen to zone out every hour and day dream. It's so difficult for me to focus on my basic and tedious tasks. So I start singing songs. Mostly because the other employees sing their songs in Spanish rather loudly all the time. I figure this is a good way to pass the time. Unfortunately for me, I don't know many popular songs by heart. Sometimes I sing some Rolling Stones songs.. Like I willl sing Under My Thumb, or like Time Is On My Side. I don't know many others. I make up lyrics. They always sound so stupid.

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