Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Quick Cash

These states are the influential cause of every last motivator. They have given me the means, the wherewithal and the knowledge. They gave me the go-ahead run to continue doing whatever it is I end up doing. I've contributed as best I could, while maintaining a common denominator in morality, ethics, and normalcy. Most of what I have experienced I didn't quite ask for.

I am sitting in a Burger King. Caution: Wet Floor. Caution: 90's pop music. Caution: only one refill. I did choose to be here. I also had a choice to be in the McDonald's that is across the street. What I really wanted was a coffee and a place to charge my cell phone. The planter houses fake plastic leaves with accents of oceanic-like motifs. Pink waves, blue skies, and a semi-translucent plastic veneer. People sit and eat their last meals in quiet solitude, but no one is alone. In fact there is a variety of companionship to be found. Mother with child, some with child in womb. Meals are shared and distributed among friends fresh out of school, or on their way to ditch parties. It's Monday.

A woman enter the room in a hurry, pulling a container of garbage and chaos behind her as if she was about to move in, while speaking a rambled group of words that was an even mixture of jumbled vowels sprinkled with a few select English words. The only thing I could make out was the word "devil" as she entered the woman's bathroom in a blitz. She came out of the bathroom a few minutes later and sat down while waving off a woman and a child, calling them "hell's brethren" and warning me and another gentleman of our apparent camaraderie with the departing woman and child. I told the departing woman to leave the trash collector alone because she was in an obvious state of insanity. The trash collector looked at me and said that I was the one who was insane. I told her that everyone is "tripping" but that we should keep those things to oneself. The gentleman beside me started to speak but was quickly attacked by the woman's recurring theme: "Your are the devil, and belong in hell!" Is is then that I realized she openly targeting black people.

I don't feel like I need to defend anyone, but obviously this woman was out of line. She attempted to speak to me with compassion, but I told her that I didn't care about what she had to say. After a few short minutes, and a security guards stare, the woman left the same way she came in, uttering words in tongues.

Later 3 kids walk in and sit down at the Burger King table in front of me with a large container of aloe vera juice that was obviously NOT aloe vera juice, and rolled a joint while listening to hip hop loudly on their cell phone. No one told them to get lost.

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