Wednesday, February 2, 2011

3 months?!

Where have I been? Employed, for one. Going out a lot, for two. But most important, I haven't been writing a single thing. I mean I wasn't really going for a novel prior to my previous post, but at the same time I was doing a lot better than a THREE MONTH BREAK.

Considering that I have just been commissioned with the duty of writing a band biography, I figure I better start brushing up on basic writing skills, which for me is basically to rant and rave about why I haven't been writing. My family is full of them. My Mother a translator who is more of a technical writer. My Sisters are both creative brains who at time write at an amateur level, but (especially the older one) also write at a professional level. I think my Father is the only one in the family who doesn't write, but if there was a ghost-writer who could somehow record everything he says, there would be volumes of spectacular stories!

Writing a band bio is something that I have done in the past. I love doing them. I can write a bio for just about anyone other than me. Perhaps it is because I am much too self-deprecating for my own good. Perhaps it is because I can't make myself out to be more than I am in the general sense.

I excel at other's bios because I see people as always MUCH more than they appear to be. I am writing for a band that, to me, since its inception, has always been larger than life. Their sound is like an explosion that i don't want to run from, or close my ears because of. The member of the band are all incredibly lovable and personable people that, with the exception of the new drummer, I practically grew up with. If there was ever a band that I can say I've watched blossom, mature, and evolve, its this one.

So why am I stuck writing about them? Because I can't help but embellish the truth. I can't help making super humans out of mere mortals. I can't help writing a comic book about heroes that smoke pot and sling vicious looking guitar axes at their enemies to save the world from boring radio music. I want to create an entire world for them to be in, because watching them play is much like being in another world. I vaguely remember the term "space grunge" being used to describe them. I might want to use the word "universe grunge". But at the same time the music brings a sense of love and happiness. Things like this no one can ever imagine is found in the outer reaches of black space. Uninhabitable and deathly space is. The world is a much nicer place to live in right? With oxygen and plenty of green edibles.

No, this music transports you into another dimension. Sounds emanate from speakers that might make you feel like you are on a fast moving rocket engine, hurling through a black hole and not even being the least bit scared. Instead you are laughing, and smiling. You might think that this is because you took a massive hit of LSD and are now soaring like as if you were at a hippy rock concert. In fact you might have only had a beer or two, and this might be enough. In fact you may have just walked in off the street and caught the first glimpse of this band, stone cold sober and ready for anything. The music is freaky and funky. The music is loud, and barely audible. The music is FREE and captivating. The music is not even music anymore. It's become the soundtrack to your life.

Hello there, wake up. Here's a joint and a 40.. relax. It's all going to be alright!

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