Thursday, February 3, 2011

and i call myself a writer?!

I was thinking to myself just now.. just a little while ago, that i could never call myself a writer. I automatically assumed that I had skipped a day. I thought today was the 4th already and I hadn't written anything yet. I am such a negative person! I was already ready to slander myself, and whip myself to death for not having written in the blog. Shameful. But it got the job done, because here I am, writing in it. There you are, doubters! (I am screaming at you)

I'm the main doubter. It keeps me motivated. I tell myself I'm never going to get it done so much that I am fed up with myself, and now I just have to. There isn't any other reason. No one else even wants me to do it. Just me! But there are people who want me to do it. As evident in the show hike I just went on amongst some very good friends. A hike that was just as much of a hang out session in the park, as it was a big of exercise. A bit of a stroll, a sigh of fresh air.

I am drinking tepid water right now, relaxing and thinking about what lies ahead. Definitely writing a bio tonight. I probably won't finish. I'll be haphazardly jotting things down while, before, during, and after the band's performance tonight. Between visits to the restroom, conversations with people, and meal breaks. (Meal breaks?! you're going to a concert, not a festival!) But yes, meal breaks.

I am also thinking how awesome it is that I have somehow surrounded myself with an entire community of extremely creative people. There are painters, musicians, designers, philosophers, photographers, writers, psychologists, and yet they are all very much artists in every last sense of the word. Every last vibration of what these people do somehow resonates the communal agreement that it was done for the sake of entertainment. Here's looking at you kid!

Its actually tepid tea I am drinking. I put some tea in the water. I just wanted to be honest.

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