Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day 9 AKA Alcoholics pay me with how wasteful they are.

Day 9 Saturday 8/7/10 has came and went. I rode my bike to the post office on a Saturday. It's not my favorite post office. I have to ride down a busy street over-crowded with too many big rigs and speeding cars. I've come to HATE motor-vehicles. I don't know if this is part of my crankiness, but I think it is mostly the fact that everyone feels this NEED to have one. 100% dependant on cars.

The absence of alcohol has suddenly boosted my energy level, reduced my over-all feeling of despair, and created a new sense of longing for that buttery, excessive, and flavorful SUCCESS.

I purchased a small trailer to haul crap around behind me like a big rig on my bicycle.
Nowadays I mostly use it to haul recyclables about town. I would say per every Mile I ride I net about 10 bottles/cans. These are mostly found at the side of the road. For every 2 miles of bicycling there is usually a park and if I stop at those the average goes up to about 20 bottles/cans per mile. If I ride into downtown, the average goes up to about 100 bottles/cans and so on. What do I find most? BEER. Always on the side of the road which means someone chucked it out the window. Sometimes (about 25% of the time) they are still cold and have a little of that "ends" left in it. Wasteful alcoholics. They not only lost out on .5 ounces of potential drunkedness, but they also lost the 5 cents they paid as a bottle deposit. In downtown, the alleys behind the bars simply lay out cases of empty beer bottles and trash bags full of the employee's drinks which are usually diet Dr. Pepper (which I am certain fat security gaurds drank), and half-full bottle of trendy bottled waters like Aquafina or Fiji (which I am certain some tattoo sleeved wannabe Paris Hilton Bar-tender drank). These are like treasure days. A little heavy to haul the bottle back home, but well worth the excercise. I don't mind, I like it, and it is how I plan to pay the $120 monthly fee at the alcohol/DUI education program I attend.

I just hope one of those drunks that are tossing their cans out windows with a lit cigarette in their other hand don't end up where I am on the road on any particular day.

I should invest in a blow-horn.


  1. You are a genius writer. Seriously. Take this compliment from another genius writer.

  2. My dream was to develop a little percent of your (all my children's) creative literary/artistic talent. Maybe you inherited it from your Granmother/"MA". I know she is watching you and sending her blessings, and she SHOULD be proud of you. I AM!!! I TRULY look forward to reading your daily synopsis...keep up the GRATE work!!!